Damian Groves

Damian Groves & Radu Stefan Fulga

DoP, VFX Supervisor and Artist, Motion Control Supervisor & Operator, Editing, Grading
Radu Stefan Fulga

Oana Maria Ursachi

Step into the shadowy world of mystery and deception. Uncover the truth as you dive into our latest project, “TIM – The Invisible Man”, made in collaboration with 6 Degrees Romania and Mark Roberts Motion Control.

Vicon technology was utilized to capture the intricate movements of the actor portraying the invisible man, both during the shooting on set and at the FrameBreed mocap studio, Digital Stage.

Mocap Producer
Andrei Brovcenco

Mocap Actor
Mihail Rotaru

3D Modelling & Texturing
Anastasia Bidilita
Madalin Teletin
Sandu Gonta
Diana Motea

Mocap Clean-up & Animation
Filip Radulescu
Calin Ivascu

Technical Direction & Rigging
Cristian Afteni
Ciprian Dumitru
Andrei Nicolae

Laura Mihaila
Cosmin Moldovan
Marius Iftimie

Project Management
Raluca Platon
Cosmin Moldovan

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