This is the second episode of the Bad History, featuring Mr. Putin.

The animated project “Bad History ” is based on satire, caricature and music and intended for humor and nothing more.

Bad History – Turn On the Camera on Spotify

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Script, Lyrics, Director & Producer
Andrei Brovcenco

Music & Sound
iRonic Distors

Mix & Master
Alexandru Turcu

Art Director
Andrei Nicolae

VFX Supervisor
Goran Andrei

Project Manager
Puscaciu Mihai Tudor

Concept Art
Andrei Nicolae
Ana Dragomir

Character Modelling & Texturing
Vasile Brovcenco
Raluca Barzu

Props Modelling & Texturing
Hani Issa
Croitoru Torro
Vasile Brovcenco

Calin Ivascu
Filip Radulescu

Tehnical Direction
Dumitru Ciprian
Cristian Afteni

Sandu Gonţa
Ciprian Dumitru

FX & Rendering
Andrei Nicolae
Cristian Afteni

Laura Maria Mihaila
Iftimie Marius Octavian
Andrei Goran

Laura Maria Mihaila
Bogdan Jugureanu

Bogdan Jugureanu
Mihai Puscaciu

This is a staging enviroment